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About elizabeth kovacevich, mft #mfc9137

Elizabeth Kovacevich offers marriage counseling in Soquel, CAElizabeth has been practicing for 35 years and has been trained in body-centered psychotherapies including Internal Family Systems, Gestalt Jungian, transpersonal and humanistic approaches.
Elizabeth brings an eclectic and spiritual approach to counseling as well as more traditional methods, such as cognitive behavioral coaching and problem solving. "I use practical techniques based on sound research and look to my client's progress to assess my own work. "I have an intense commitment to their success.” She is able to connect with many different clients and assist in measurable change. It is because of her wide range of training and experience that Elizabeth can bring various approaches and tailor the sessions to what will work best for each individual. Celebrate your own relationship unfolding.

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Counseling Philosophy

Marriage Counseling Services in Soquel, CA


For 35 years, my openness and forthright style with clients provide the opportunity for personal growth, change and understanding. My style is primarily interactive. I view therapy as an educational as well as a therapeutic experience. I have extensive experience working with a wide range of mental health issues impacting individuals, couples and families. I have worked in mental health settings, family counseling agencies, university / college and elementary school settings as well as spiritual retreat settings. I feel that the breadth and depth of my experience provide a very solid foundation which enables me to successfully work with many diverse clients, issues and situations. I have an eclectic approach to therapy in terms of training and methods. My training has been in family systems, couple therapy and individual therapy, using behavioral, psychodynamic, transpersonal, Jungian and humanistic approaches. Over 35 years, I have had extensive experience using art therapy, drama therapy, guided imagery and Gestalt techniques. My psychotherapy practice is unique in that I am able to work well with many diverse situations and issues. I have had extensive experience / training in many different settings as well as private practice over the last 35 years. I enjoy working with a broad range of people and problems.

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Private Sessions, Support Groups, Seminars

Support Groups

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Pre-Marital Counseling

pre-marital counselingIn these sessions, we examine inventories that cover major relationship issues a couple may experience. The therapist facilitates the discussion between the couple and explores relationship strengths and growth areas. The couple learns assertive and active listening skills, how to resolve conflict and develop financial planning skills.

Couples • Family • Individual • Counseling

In these sessions, the therapist serves as a coach who helps one achieve healthy communication with the self and then each member of the family. If you relate as a healthy individual to self and family, you can have healthy relationships elsewhere, create positive, caring family dynamics and maintain a strong sense of self.

Children Counseling

In these sessions the therapist may use many techniques, such as art therapy or sand trays, thatchildren counseling
yield effective and timely results for child development, helping the child find the skills they need to reach their maximum potential. I strive to continually think out of the box and strive for innovative techniques that ultimately improve the way families live. I empower parents by involving them in the process.

For information on support groups and upcoming workshops go to The Center for Yoga and Personal Growth Website

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