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Womens Divorce Support Group

woman support group

This 6 week support group is for women who are contemplating separation or divorce, in the process, or already divorced ...looking for new inspiration, comradeship and support from other nurturing and empowering women.

  • Are you frustrated in your relationship and you have no idea what to do?
  • Do you feel like the love and passion died in your relationship a long time ago?
  • Are you looking for a new sense of self worth?
  • Do you desire to empower yourself into making the right decisions?

This is for the woman who is...

... is not happy or satisfied in her relationship or marriage, and contemplating separation or divorce.

... is seeking to achieve a conscious dissolution with her (ex) partner.

... successful in her career, yet craving to have more success in her relationships.

... desires to become more self-confident and in touch with her personal power.

... would love to becoming a master communicator with her (ex) spouse and the kids.

... tired of relationships that don't work and ready to find her true soul mate and life partner

... desiring more passion and abundance in your life

If you resonate with any of these situations... come join us!

This group is for women who are contemplating separation, break up or divorce, in progress, or already divorced and looking for new inspiration, comradeship and support from other nurturing and empowering women. 

What stage are you in?

      • BEFORE: Coping with a relationship that appears to be on its last leg? Contemplating divorce; yet still sitting on the fence? Trying to decide if you should stay ...or if, when and how you should leave?
      • DURING: Hoping to break up or divorce your partner in the most conscious way possible? Desiring support on how to cope and find balance within the process - learning how to overcome issues associated with your (ex) spouse, kids, finances, work/career, and personal self care? 
      • AFTER: Already separated or divorced, and trying to get your life back in order, again? Wondering how to help your kids adjust? Or how to deal with ex-family members and friends? Curious, even scared about entering the dating world, again? Wondering about how you can go about creating new relationships and if it’s even possible to find true, authentic, long-lasting love?

Meet other women who are at different stages of their relationship and break up/divorce process. Being in such challenging times, such as facing separation or divorce ~ not to mention becoming newly single (with or without children)... we could use as much support as possible from other supportive women friends. 

Isn't it great to know that you don't have to go through this alone?

What To Expect: During each 90 minute gathering, we will go around in a circle and each offer a synopsis of who we are, what are needs are at this time and how we feel we can be best supported and/or best support this group of women. We will then share our thoughts, feelings, insights, encouragement and resources.

Integrated in this process will be a "Q&A" or highlighted educational focus with Jill Marie - a licensed relationship coach, sex educator and mind body specialist. 

Some days will be more for focus; other days will be for fun and play! We are seeking your ideas for this, so please be sure to share these with us.

Bonus  Guest Speaker - Once a month, we will provide a special meet up with a clinical hypnotherapist Tricia Hancock  to help you with deep relaxation, connecting with your authentic self and to do some creative visualization.  

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