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Every Relationship can be Fine Tuned…..

build strong relationshipHere are 3 things you can do to build a stronger relationship 

      1.     Really strive for balance.

For any relationship to thrive each must make “emotional deposits” says Elizabeth Kovacevich MFT . This means consciously making time for each other spending it together enjoying each other’s company as well as maintaining individual interests. When we do not share in each other’s interests we fall into that subtle trap of becoming distant and detached from each other.

Now, we’re not talking about if he wants to surf with is buddies or she likes to shop with girlfriends. That’s healthy and brings a strong sense of self to the relationship.  However, it is important to invest time with each other as well. Find ways to put some togetherness back into the marriage and strive for balance in the relationship. 

2.     Be each other’s best friend.

When we think of our true “friends” most of us would describe them as someone who we can trust, confide in, be accepted by , concerned for our wellbeing  and have so much fun with that there is great joy in the human experience. In fact, friendship is vital for a happy fulfilling marriage too.  I read a study a few years back where a psychologist studied over 350 couples

All having been happily married for over 15 years in order to determine; what are the common denominators that makes a marriage not just happy but sustainable.  90% of both husbands and wives put the same factor on the top of their list: My spouse is my best friend.

3.     Never lose your sense of humor.

Humor seems to be the shock absorber in life. My grandmother used to say a cheerful heart is the best medicine of all. Make a conscious decision today to find humor in life, laugh and live life large as a couple.

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