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You CAN create a successful and meaningful post-divorce life

starting over after divorceStarting over after a divorce, or "uncoupling", is a complex transition. Severing the emotional bonds of security, habit, status and dependence is challenging to say the very least. The support group offers not only the right divorce counseling, but the emotional support of others who are navigating the same situation as you. I invite you to participate in the next group starting the first Sunday in November 2011. The group meets every Sunday for 6 weeks at The Center for yoga and Personal Growth. 

 I look forward to assisting you and to reintroduce you to yourself as a way to separate from your former spouse and renew your life as a divorced, healthy, non-married person.

After such a long association with your former spouse, you often lose contact with who you are as an individual. My goal is to help you actively create the life you want, and deserve.

For over 35 years my style of divorce counseling combines compassion with directness. I emphasize self-reliance: if you want something, nobody's going to come and give it to you. But I'm also kind and nurturing, empathizing with your feelings of despair while helping you accept your new status and understand that there's nothing shameful about being divorced.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the worst part of divorce? The worst part of divorce is that it affects so much of your daily life, including your emotions, your finances, and possibly your physical health. In fact, divorce can be compared to a nuclear chain reaction where every problem aggravates related issues and one can end up marred in a marsh of confusion and pain.
  • Isn't divorce more than just a legal experience? Divorce is a two-fold process; the emotional divorce and the legal divorce. If the emotional component is inadequately addressed, poor legal judgment can result. A common example of this is when anger is so great that it creates an inability to resolve legal conflict.
  • Why do you specialize in divorce? Many years ago I went through a painful divorce experience. While I had the legal guidance I needed, I did not have the benefit of working with a counselor who specializes in "letting go," something all divorcees need. My mission became developing an expertise in the grieving process associated with divorce.
  • What is the purpose of the counseling process? The purpose of the counseling process is for me to help you to get over the pain of loss as quickly and economically as possible. My goal is to assist you to use divorce as a stepping stone to growth and renewal.
  • When should I call you? Immediately. You should call me whether or not you have made the decision to divorce, you are ambivalent about it, or you have already gone through the process.
  • What are the benefits of phone counseling compared to traditional face to face counseling? Telephone counseling is an excellent option and has a number of benefits. For clients who have limited time, eliminating travel is a major convenience. Research shows that a client who is at ease in their own home or office is likely to be less inhibited and guarded about discussing difficult topics. The telephone does NOT change my obligation or ability to provide sound, competent services and to protect your confidentiality.
  • Do you provide other services? Yes. In addition to divorce counseling, I have extensive clinical experience in the following areas: relationship concerns (work related and personal), depression and anxiety, women's issues, aging and life transitions. In addition, I can provide a second opinion on a psychological matter.

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