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Start a journal & the art of asking internal questions.


You have what we call automatic thoughts…They are programmed. The goal is to record the self-defeating thought patterns. Change your thinking and you will change your weight. What is true in your mind, you will live.

Things you tell yourself create an internal map that shapes your behavior.

In order for you to reprogram you have to know where you are starting.


Purchase a journal and begin by making a commitment to write in it a minimum of 3 times a week for the 6 weeks we are here.

One the very first page tell the story of your weight history, your relationship with food, and exercise and maybe even your opinion of when you became a compulsive eater.

Because people think in 3 primary modes: visually (the ability to picture something in the minds eye), kinesthetically (feelings,internal sensations), and auditorally (words tones and the internal self dialog).

Continue to journal with where you are now, right now, “in the moment” with your own personal struggles. How does it feel, what does your body look like to you, and what is your “self talk” about all of this. Find your own personal truth by simply stating your own beliefs. It often helps to ask yourself good questions. What is your current relationship with food and your body as you have come to know it to be? Follow through with where it is you want to be. Be clear and identify your feelings, habits, thoughts, and wishes.

Because our lives are created from the inside out we have to go there first and gain access to our real power, reframe those old toxic messages and claim a high level of self. Your healthy self… 






Record what you eat each day and what level of hunger you were at. This is truly a critical step in mastering self-awareness. With no judgment, no right or wrong, simply become a silent observer and record all the data you need to really get to know yourself. Studies show that students who journal drop twice as much weight in a quicker period of time than those who don’t. As you loose your pounds, you’ll gain something else: a keen understanding of why and when you are either eating at a time when no hunger is present, or when you are overeating. It is about training yourself to have “pure consciousness” around this issue in your life. Keeping a journal assists you on sorting out your feelings, getting, clear, and learning to feed your soul. It helps you stay focused. Starting is simple, it takes no more than 10 minutes a day, and here’s some tips to help make it efficient.

Make the decision…a declaration!

Give yourself clarity about what that means to you. Without a serious commitment, and focused will you have nothing.

Journal ….Think of it as collecting all the data you’ll need to create change.

Record when you eat, what level you are at, who you are with, what is emotionally going on for you, what is the manner in which you are eating: eating fast, under stress, with a fat friend, what you are feeling ….tired, anxious, bored, etc:

Slow down your internal dialog

Write it all down…train your ear to hear your negative internal patterns.

Question them (how would you rather be feeling, etc.)

Challenge them (ask what do you really want)

Replace them (what would support you)

Reframe them with a mature, healthier voice.

Record everything and anything that is outside of your NHC

And then on the “good days” Record why it is a good day and why. 





Wake up every morning being proactive. Start the day with the 20 second breath when you hear yourself tell yourself to let go, also hear yourself set intention for the day.

Intention is a powerful thing it means to elicit a certain response. 




Immediately, when you start thinking about food (the internal dialog also starts. The thoughts link with the emotion and the desire is actually heightened).

Scientists believe that each time the pattern is triggered it accelerates and you are automatically moving into the old self defeating behavior. Associating it with hunger. If you are constantly bombarded by these external cues they will work against you. The greater the knowledge you have about what is really going on for you, the more power you have over the behavior. You can behave your way to a healthy body.

Review where you are now in the following areas:

  • -Water Intake
  • -Supplements
  • -Body Elimination
  • -Hormonal Balance
  • -Exercise
  • -Journal….Isolate NHC and Internal Dialog
  • -Healthy food
  • -Other


Reprogramming involves making small deliberate shifts in your thinking and your behaviors.

A large function of where you will be next week is what you decide to focus on now:




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