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Weight Loss Program


If you’re tired of the struggle that comes from gaining and losing weight a multiple amount of times then you are in the right place. Working with this program of self awareness you will begin to; eat intuitively, trust your bodies signals, make clear and mindful decisions and re pattern everything and everything that has been standing in your way of having a healthy vibrant balanced life.

First, you have to make the decision. Right here, right now make the decision to once and for all lose your weight and keep it off permanently cannot sound like:

“ I need to lose weight”

“I want to lose my weight”

“I hate myself for getting so fat I wish I could do it.. “…well, you can but not with this mind frame. There is no need to, want to, or wishing in making a decision.

I’ve been counseling clients for over 30 years using a result driven formula that brings people to a place where food no longer is an issue in their life. I can tell you that the 80% that get there are not wishing, wanting or needing. Rather, they are “doing” …. they have cultivated what we call the 3 C’s .

They are:

  • Clear… absolutely clear having a willing spirit and an open mind to resolve this issue. Clear about where they were, where they are now in their life and where it is that they want to be.
  • Committed.. Understanding how critical it is to be committed to make this journey a priority in life. Committed to following the process. Knowing, there is value in the process that it can and will result in real personal growth
  • Concise: Willing to cultivating a concise positive way of thinking, a concise way of directing their own internal dialog that moves them in a positive direction. Their internal dialog goes from I want to I am..

Everything we think and feel drives behavior. You won’t have to look far to find your own negative internal dialog so make the decision to become mindful about what it is you hear yourself, tell yourself and learn the art of CHANGE….you can do it.

With no judgment, no right or wrong, just start a journal to capture your story. Where you have been in your history of dieting, where you are right now in this moment and where it is you want to be.

What you believe about yourself , your body and your relationship with food is expediently important because it is your own internal guide and will ultimately direct your success or failure. I have never met anyone in my life who isn’t living exactly by what they hear themselves, tell themselves and neither will you. I challenge you to see if I’m not right about this. It shapes our behavior. The good news is we finally get it and we know how to re pattern it. Please allow yourself to journal and write down all the negative self-talk, collect the data for me and I promise I’ll give you the tools to eliminate them. Unless you re-pattern them, they will actually gain momentum and strength becoming more deeply ingrained in the habitual patterns around weight loss and harder to change. Most people think we have no control over our thoughts. I can tell you this, we are in the ultimate control seat over what it is we choose to tell yourselves. You have choice. Now, choose to journal and lets get to work and create a stable comfortable weight that feels like you are home in your mind body and spirit! I invite you to use the facebook page to share with others, ask questions and find your next assignment from me.

In your corner,


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