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Weight Management Process


Congratulations and welcome to the next step in weight management, finding your own unique hunger cycle and learning to honor it. Our bodies have built in regulators that signal to us when the body needs nutrition. We often fail to discriminate among what degrees of hunger we are experiencing. How hungry do you feel before you eat is critical to reconnect on a natural level. What level of hunger is distracting? What levels can you tolerate? What levels create physical discomfort? The breathing exercise on audio series one is a tool for you to use to aid you in finding your own inner rhythm.

As you enhance your connection to real hunger you will discover how efficient your body really is. Having said that you will also quickly come back to sensing your body’s innate ability to signal when you have arrived at satiation. Self Awareness Training is becoming totally conscious about what your body is telling you so that you can honor it. The levels of hunger were developed to help you isolate sensations and communicate them to both yourself and your counselor. Shortly before a meal stop, focus, and send your attention inward by slowing breathing (the 20 second breath) let yourself relax and focus completely on your body and the experience of hunger. On a scale of 1 to 4 ask yourself where you are at. How do you know? Once you have your answer then you can consider how you want to use the information. Do you still want to eat? What type of healthy choice would you like to make? Are there parts of the meal experience that will be challenging for you? How are you going to support yourself and take care of them? Then as you eat practice the experience of “enough” (see finding your comfort)

Soon you will eat for health and nourishment. You will hear yourself asking waiters to bag the rest of your dinner for the next day as you stopped eating before you are full. You will come to feel good in your body. But more important, as you manage your weight, you will take on a renewed, more vital way of moving in the world. It’s liberating!


Level One.
Level one is when there is clearly no physical need for eating. Your body is comfortable and it will likely be some time before you will experience a need to eat. If you choose to eat here when your body has no need for fuel and it will simply store it somewhere away from vital organs and you’re gaining weight.

Level Two.
Level two is the body first signal. It is when you are not quite hungry yet but you sense that in an hour or so you will be. Think of it as hunger creeping up. Hunger, real hunger is the body’s primal instinct to begin looking for food. At level two it is our body’s first subtle signal to slow down, go inward, and find out what our body’s real needs are. It is a good practice to ask……..You will soon find a bit of amusement in how clear you become in getting that information.

Level Three.

Level three is real hunger. The body will not let you ignore this signal. In fact if you get to busy or some event keeps you detained in listening to and honoring this level the signals just get stronger. Choose to eat here every time you will find yourself rapidly enjoying feeling hungry, eating what you really want, being in a controlled relaxed manner, and at a place where you can more readily hear the bodies signal for comfort. If we choose to eat at level 3, when our body needs food for fuel and to enhance our health, it will break the food source down, utilize it, and simply get rid of it through waste elimination. It is here that you are managing your weight.

Level Four
At this level you have gone way beyond natural hunger. At this point in time it is not un-common for the body’s signals to become more aggressive. You may become lightheaded, become a bit dizzy, a feeling of just being weak, it can go as far as you finding an acid taste in your mouth, my personal favorite is a deep low growling sound from your stomach. Choose to wait this long and you will find yourself totally out of control eating very quickly and aggressive. As in eating at level one I assure you, choose to eat here and you’re going to gain weight.


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