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Weight Management Process


Congratulations and welcome to the next step in weight management, finding your own unique hunger cycle and learning to honor it. Our bodies have built in regulators that signal to us when the body needs nutrition. We often fail to discriminate among what degrees of hunger we are experiencing. How hungry do you feel before you eat is critical to reconnect on a natural level. What level of hunger is distracting? What levels can you tolerate? What levels create physical discomfort? The breathing exercise on audio series one is a tool for you to use to aid you in finding your own inner rhythm.

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Weight Loss Program


If you’re tired of the struggle that comes from gaining and losing weight a multiple amount of times then you are in the right place. Working with this program of self awareness you will begin to; eat intuitively, trust your bodies signals, make clear and mindful decisions and re pattern everything and everything that has been standing in your way of having a healthy vibrant balanced life.

First, you have to make the decision. Right here, right now make the decision to once and for all lose your weight and keep it off permanently cannot sound like:

“ I need to lose weight”

“I want to lose my weight”

“I hate myself for getting so fat I wish I could do it.. “…well, you can but not with this mind frame. There is no need to, want to, or wishing in making a decision.

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Start a journal & the art of asking internal questions.


You have what we call automatic thoughts…They are programmed. The goal is to record the self-defeating thought patterns. Change your thinking and you will change your weight. What is true in your mind, you will live.

Things you tell yourself create an internal map that shapes your behavior.

In order for you to reprogram you have to know where you are starting.

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