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A fresh look at Hypnosis and Weight Management

By Jackie Desilva  

Last year Deborah Kinsley was frustrated with making what seemed to be her hundredth attempt To loose weight. To help her, Deborah contacted a Santa Cruz hypnotherapist named Tricia Hancock. Hancock specializes in a weight management technique called Tools For Change, a self awareness-training program. Deborah was won over. “I would have to say what the training gave to me was profound, I gained a grater inner strength. In the past I was either on a diet or gaining my weight back. This time I’m in control and it feel wonderful. I was felt empowered form the very first visit.” Says Deborah, who lives in Los Gatos California with her husband and two children.

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Hypnosis for Personal Growth

For a more successful outcome

Take control of your emotional and physical well-being with self-hypnosis. Tricia Hancock cht will teach you in a simple step-by-step process how to use self-hypnosis.  It is Tricia's belief that every client should be taught this tool to help strengthen any personal work that has to be done. Tricia is the creator of a technique called Self-Awareness Training  and is also the best selling author of the workbook “come walk with me” a step by step guide to weight loss.  

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