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Mindful Weight Management

woman weight lossPermanent weight management requires that you make a decision that you will no longer live the way you have been living. It’s really that simple. This decision is the first and most important step in the process of changing negative eating patterns. Permanent weight loss is the result of balancing the mind, body and spirit. Weight is not lost – it’s managed. It requires that you start to listen to you own inner wisdom and take back control of your own life, by establishing a set of rules and boundaries that you derive from your authentic self.

Outwardly, excess weight represents a fundamental imbalance in the body’s physiology. Inwardly, it represents a disconnection between the mind and the body, which prevents the body from maintaining its own natural balance. When you start to pay attention to yourself, and what you really want, you will begin to develop a lifestyle where you feel whole, healthy, and completely balanced – a lifestyle that comes from living from your authentic self. Such a lifestyle results in a new and more complete awareness of the needs of your body, and a real core connection to your mind. 

In the beginning of your journey, there are three major objectives to help you begin to pay attention to yourself:

  • Finding your natural hunger cycle to reconnect your mind and body in a healthy way 
  • Journaling to get in touch with your inner dialog
  • Practicing deep relaxation to begin to reprogram what no longer works for you

All of us have a hunger cycle – several periods of time in the day when the body tells us we need fuel to enhance our health. It’s a primal instinct. When you have a history of overeating, it means you have lost the ability to recognize and honor that signal. You can find your natural hunger cycle by eating only when you are truly hungry, and then training yourself to get back in touch with your own body’s natural hunger cycle. After paying this kind of attention to your internal cues for several days, a natural hunger cycle emerges. 

 As you start the process of finding your natural hunger cycle, you should also begin keeping a journal. Daily journaling will keep you focused, clear and introspective. When you practice this level of consciousness, you’ll increase your understanding of your true self.

 "Change can not occur without interruption of the unwanted pattern. Once you learn to recognize the repetitive  and unwanted patterns, you must Breathe… be present..for you are standing in a holy moment…and I promise you this: the very next thing you hear yourself tell yourself is exactly where your behavior will go. Let spirit talk".

You will also begin to move from reactive mind, which is the old program driving the negative behavior; and the responsive mind, which is the program of your own design where you choose how to respond. The only hard and fast rule of journaling is to be focused, consistent and completely honest.

Deep relaxation is the key to learning how to slow down. Interesting things can happen when you are in this state – your consciousness actually expands and your authentic self can show up. You’ll begin to cultivate a new level of awareness that is necessary to hearing your inner wisdom and begin to program your own life. You can then delete the old eating patterns that no longer work for you and implement eating guidelines that do work for you. Without the ability to show up you remain in unhealthy patterns, and the old patterns continue to run the show.

Deep relaxation can be done alone, but it is helpful to work with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and learn self-hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis, like meditation, helps to relax the body and clear your mind. Hypnosis is an emotional, focused state where you can be at one with your body. You are more susceptible to suggestions in this state. A clinical hypnotherapist can guide you into a relaxed state and then give suggestions toward achieving the lifestyle and eating habits that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

With practice you begin to let go of your old eating patterns. You learn how to slow down and become centered. From that centered place, you can choose how you want to respond and consciously choose what you want to eat. It literally enables you to accomplish far more than you would have thought possible. Make no mistake, if you do not slow down and gain insight into whatever is blocking you, if you do not learn to hear the negative internal dialog, if you do not learn to sense the automatic triggers that ignite destructive patterns, if you do not learn to program the life you want, I guarantee you the world will do it for you. Then whatever it is that is keeping you from living a whole, healthy and balanced life, will continue to immobilize you. So follow these simple suggestions. First and foremost, make the decision that you are going to change your relationship with food. And once the decision is made, begin the process of teaching yourself to listen to your body. Slow down and learn to make conscious, healthy choices that work for you and the life you want to lead.

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