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About Tricia Hancock, CHT

Tricia is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist and a master at neuro linguistic programming. Since 1977 she has been in the field of personal growth and development. A popular speaker, Tricia actively lectures throughout the United States and is a healing voice in the field of self awareness and human consciousness. She is the author of Reclaiming Self and Self Awareness Training for Weight Management. Tricia lives in Northern California where she maintains a private practice in Capitola.

Tell me about the work that you do:

I help people connect with the wisest part of who they are and live their lives from that place. Make no mistake, when we live from there it’s powerful!

We finally understand the relationship between mind, body, emotion, and action. Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are just some of the innovative result-driven approaches to understanding and directing human experience, self- communication, and behavior.

These sciences are the leading edge technologies for accelerated behavioral change. It’s exciting! We can create what ever we want in virtually every realm of our lives. There are no boundaries when you journey within.

What is it that you specialize in?

About 75% of my practice is here because they have come to a pivital point in their life where some behavior...some self defeating behavioral “pattern” (and it is just that...a pattern) is stopping them from living their life as whole, healthy and balanced. The issues I work with range from building confidence, weight management, to personal business development. I even have a very fun following of competive golfers who are experiencing great success with the techniques I teach.

Tell me more about the diet part?

Oh my goodness, don’t get me started on this subject. First off, I do not believe in diets. We have known for years how dreadful it is that people continue to diet only to gain the weight back again and again. The clients who come into my office are "professional dieters," having been on so many diets they could probably write a very successful diet themselves. They are really quite knowledgeable about it however, they simply keep repeating the un-wanted behavior over and over again. When we go on a diet we give our personal power over to someone else who tells us what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat.

As soon as we go off "the program" we gain the weight right back again. In my office we re-pattern the tendencies that drove the behavior in the first place developing healthier coping responses. My clients tell me that they actually get to a point where food is a non-issue and that’s liberating!

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