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Welcome to Capitola Counseling on demand teleseminars and webinars. For over 30 years Elizabeth and Tricia  have been in private practice helping couples and individuals lead happy, whole and healthy lives. Now you can work with these licensed caring professionals in the very same personal, supportive and professional manner just as if you were in their office. These  counselors  have not only honed and developed their specific clinical expertise over these years but also, each one of them has experienced such a deep personal and professional satisfaction in helping to change the lives of their clients that they have decided to team up together to enhance your personal growth and professional development .


Reclaiming Self

Ask yourself, what is the one thing  you want to change that would make your life
significantly happier?

· Identifythe four major parts of your personality  that enhance your taking control back

· Learn  3 solid  “evidence based” steps that will  move  you  into forward thinking

· Move into the Action  that will bring about the lasting change that you want 

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Creating The Life You Want

Couples Counseling 

Understanding and improving loving relationships

· Understand and implement a strategy that can change the dynamics of your relationship 

· Learn a process   that will help to transform frustrations into moments of deep understanding and connection.

· Identify the 3 most important moments in each day   for couples and learn how to use these times to effectively benefit your relationship

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Building Loving Relationships

Weight Loss

We finally get it! This course work is taught by the author of Self Awareness Training. This evidence based course empowers you to stop dieting forever. Finally, you’ll understand and overcome the behaviors that are keeping you in the lose-gain cycle. 

If you are tired of diets, losing your weight, only to gain it back again then this course is critical for you to learn how to 

· Identify NHC your own natural hunger cycle and bring workable, livable solutions to it.

· Isolate your own linguistics with NLP

· Use hypnosis  to once and for all reprogram self defeating habits.

· Gain the 3 critical steps that create behavioral change.

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Stop Dieting and Loose Weight


Surviving  Divorce 

There aren’t many people who understand the pain of separation. It is a results driven and designed to achieve optimal results. By the end of the workshop, you will be better prepared psychologically to deal with the complexities of divorce and better prepared personally to thrive! This webinar provides you with the tools needed to navigate the challenging of divorce and thrive! 

There are not many people who understand the pain of separation and we are compassionate counselors who can help:

· Understand the 3 stages  to the divorce process

· Cope with your EX-Spouse.

· Finding Forgiveness


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Divorce Recovery

Soothe Your Senses 

Are you seeking freedom from anxiety? This course is a practical and empowering self help treatment protocol that promises to reduce the anxiety and stress in your life! Included is a session of clinical hypnosis that promises to soothe your senses. Stabilize your stressed out symptoms that associated with anxiety and learn how to dissolve anxious self defeating internal dialog. Learn: 

· What is anxiety?

· Self Help tools for coping.

· Self assessment stress and anxiety test.

· Effective stress management (skills?).


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No More Anxiety


Focus your Energy 

This is a pithy and inspired course filling a great need for those who are struggling with lack of focus. If you often feel impatient, overwhelmed, anxious, easily bored, hate details...then this if for you. This webinar will help you to understand and overcome the symptoms that may be holding you back, and then move into application the traits that mark you for success.

· Use practical techniques  for overcoming forgetfulness, distractibility, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

· Assess the markers that help you choose the work and professional that is rewarding for an ADD personality

· Harness the 4 steps that help you thrive in business and life.


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Managing ADD

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At Capitola Counseling, it is always our intention to personalize any contact you make with us. So, regardless of if you are contacting us to take any of the course work or requesting a private session .We want you to feel comfortable to include a personal note or just ask a quick question. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Many Blessings

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