Counseling Philosophy

For 35 years, our openness and forthright style with clients has provided the opportunity for personal growth, change and understanding. Our style is primarily interactive. Although we use different approaches our view therapy remain the same. We view therapy as an educational as well as a therapeutic experience. We share extensive experience working with a wide range of mental health issues impacting individuals, couples and families. Elizabeth has worked in mental health settings, family counseling agencies, university / college and elementary school settings as well as spiritual retreat settings. Tricia has been a popular speaker on a national level specializing in personal growth, self confidence, weight loss and executive coaching. We feel that the breath and depth of our experience provide a very solid foundation which enables us to successfully work with many diverse clients, issues and situations. At Capitola counseling we share an eclectic approach to therapy in terms of training and methods. Elizabeth's training has been in family systems, couple therapy and individual therapy, using behavioral, psychodynamic, I have had extensive experience using art therapy, drama therapy,and Gestalt techniques. Tricia is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist and a master at NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming both share training in transpersonal and Jungian, and humanistic approaches Our therapy practice is unique in that we are able to work well with many diverse situations and issues. Sharing extensive experience and I enjoy working with a broad range of people and problems.